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Wednesday, May 11, 2005 

He will give the devil his due

Two aspirin and four hours later I finally managed to secure tickets to the National Theatre's Henry IV, Part 1.

The English have some definite antiquated and dated notions when it comes to customer service and transactions and the like. I think even most Brits would agree with me on that. One would think this would be eliminated when applying new technology like the internet, and that the whole process would become streamlined, but somehow I felt like I was still "in a queue." Amazing.

Now for some office humor: Even been to the National Theatre website? When purchasing tickets you get the most extensive list of titles I've ever seen. Baroness, Dowager Lady, Viscount, Brigadier, and my favorite, Dr. and Mr. As we were laughing over this, one of the gay guys pounced on "Dr. and Mr." as an acceptance of the gay lifestyle. We all looked at him and someone said, "Women can be doctors, too."

I tried to order from the Globe website ... and at the point where I should have got a confirmation number, I got a screen that said "We'll be down for a while ... see you later." Don't know if my CC will get charged or not!

I went to see Henry IV last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm sure you'll have a great evening whatever title you're booked under.

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