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Thursday, June 08, 2006 


Wow, check out the dates on the right, I've now been blogging for two years!

So in honor of that, today I thought I would talk a little bit about me because ever since I put that email address up I've been getting a lot of questions that I thought were explained by the sidebar on the right but apparently not. Here are answers to the top four queries:

1. I'm a student and therefore I am here on a student visa. It's the easiest and most practical way to get to this country, short of marrying someone it seems the only way.

2. Yes, London is absurdly expensive; yes I struggle to live here. As a post-grad student this year I am sponsored by a pharmaceutical company who allow me a stipend. While I appreciate not going into anymore tuition fee debt, the stipend is, in fact, about 1/5 of what I was making in the States at my proper job. To compensate I live in student housing which I find massively embarrassing at my age (29 years next month). Fire drills aside, it's very convenient as I pay 100 quid a week and have no travel expenses because I am a one minute walk from work.

3. No, I don't hate America. We were having a turbulent relationship when I left, sure. But 20 months of space have helped me realize all the great things about it, daft presidents, religious extremism, and SUVs aside.

4. Yes I do miss Americans. Definitely not always mind you but every once in a while I long for a loud, pushy, obnoxious, take-no-prisoners type of attitude; sometimes politeness and tippy-toeing just doesn’t get it done.

There you go. Please do continue to read and write to this goofy little blog.

Is it OK if a Mum says she loves you???

Here, Here for point 4. Having lived for a while in the US I have to say sometimes I really miss the straight-forward, gung-ho approach that isn't really the done thing here. Well done on 2 years of blogging.


I must admit, I had a chuckle on your first point:

"I'm a student and therefore I am here on a student visa. It's the easiest and most practical way to get to this country, short of marrying someone it seems the only way".

Amen! I was trying to gain entry into the UK to vacation with my bf, who is working there. I had EVERY intention of returning to the US in 4 months. Blech. UK immigration is a bear!

Great blog!

Interesting reading a summary about your life as it helps me out to catch up with your "goofy" things ;-)

Yo Yo - happy twos.

Re: 2. I'm guessing at this time of year you bade farewell to all the little ones you've been lording it over for the past 9 months. Were you sorry to see them go? Do your halls get filled with odd summer school types instead? And, most importantly, do they 'roast'* less?

*the 'roasting' exclusive you revealed to me is now my favourite 'Kings Students unofficial word on the street fact'.

Off they go, weeeeee! Soon to be replaced with something far worse.... Hoards of AMERICAN overseas students, bleh.

starving student struggling to live tehre who goes to tons of cities accross europe. is there a mystery benefactor involved? i still think it's funny that you live in student housing..you'll laugh when you think about this in 15 years.

Oh, you're actually an American! And you're in LONDON?

Student housing isn't really that bad is it? At 29 I know that I'll be wishing I still lived in it.

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