Monday, May 29, 2006 


So I am back from a week in America. It's nice to go home at a time other than Christmas which, aside from of course being the most magical time of the year, is also hell on Earth for travellers and weather and trying to see people. I'd rather not travel at Christmas ever again, frankly.

And I'd most definitely not travel British Airways again either. The last three times I've flown them I've been most unhappy:

1. Last Christmas to Washington, D.C.: After being in the air nearly two hours without the TVs turning on, the pilot comes on to announce that there was some sort of accident and we'd lost electrical power. Not the kind to fly the plane apparently, but the kind that powers the TVs, reading lights, and ovens for food. No hot food! Nothing but freezing cold nasty sandwiches in the dark. That was absolutely no fun.

2. From London from Lisbon: The scariest flight moment of my life to date.

3. This last flight to DC: Flight was delayed an hour, ok whatever. They then boarded us, had us hunker down for the flight, and then announced that a part of the plane needed to be repaired, that the order for the part had been sent out and he'd get back to us in about an hour. I'm sorry, why are we on the plane then? Sure enough the part showed up after about an hour, and then it took another hour to install the part and test it. Hey, I'm all for safety checks but I'm not sure how my being on the plane all that time facilitates the process. Boo.

And of course I didn't learn my lesson from #1 and forgot to buy food and water. They didn't show any movies or offer anything to eat, and I nearly had to wrestle a stewardess to the ground to get what ultimately turned out to be a shot glass of aqua. Gee, thanks for small favors.
This is all why I hate BA now.

The only good news of the flying was that I added another celebrity to my London Celebrity Watch List:

7. The Darkness

My suspicions were confirmed when a young girl walked up to them as asked if she could take a picture and they said, "No." Huh, I didn't think they were quite famous enough for that kind of attitude!

Sunday, May 14, 2006 


Perhaps does not quite count as "getting out of London" but it sure felt light-years away. So gorgeous and peaceful. If there's any place prettier than the English countryside in summer I don't want to know about it!

Friday, May 05, 2006 


Finally! Summer has arrived! Flip flops to work, sleeping with the windows open and fan on, and lunches outside in the park with my shoulders slightly sunburnt. It seemed to take much longer to get here than when compared to last year, and it's certain not to last long, however it's amazing what a few sunny days can do to my disposition. I wonder if natural born Londoners feel the same: the Standard had the headline yesterday of "HEATWAVE" and stories of how the tube was shut down. Yes, one day at 81F/27C certainly qualifies as a heatwave here. Silly brits.

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