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Friday, February 08, 2008 


So as you know, after three years of living in halls, I'm now finally out and about in a proper London flat. It's a whole different world out here. On my interview, I came in, met the flatmates, had a quick tour. It wasn't until after I moved in that the mild surprises started kicking in. Take my kitchen for example:

Did you get that? Yes, that's definitely a washing machine in our kitchen!

These seems to be the norm here in Britain. Not that I've been to that many flats, but I am totally addicted to those house hunting shows, like A Place in the Sun and Relocation Relocation (I'm so wound up in the sexual tension I've actually been known to yell at the screen, "Just snog her, Phil! Just throw Kirstie down over that refurbished dining room table and snog the hell out of her!!!") In nearly all of these country homes, the washing machine is in the kitchen. In America, these appliances are tucked neatly away in the 'laundry room' or the 'utility room'. There seems to be something not right about having laundry detergent near all my food but to each his own.

Also note the lack of a dryer. It's washing machine only, which means that in my room I have a clothes drying rack, and it takes me ages before my laundry's done. While I'm all proud of myself environmentally, it is quite strange to constantly have wet clothes in my room. I'd post a picture of that too, but I don't want to broadcast my knickers all over the internet...

If you've seen the cost of a flat in London then you'd see that we're not really gonna spend extra for a room just to put a washing machine in. Besides, a lot of the older flats weren't even built with bathrooms, so these washing machines tend to be squeezed into a space where plumbing is accessable. What's the problem with detergent, it's not like we sprinkle it everywhere, just throw in a tablet and it's done. Also most machines are also driers, blame your flatmates for going for a cheap machine.

There's some wall-space for more cupboards there...

In the five or more London flats I've lived in, none of the washers have also been dryers. Prat.

Oh, be happy you don't have to take your clothes down to the bank of the Thames and bang them on rocks.

Yeah, almost all washing machines in the US are down in basement. Have you also noticed that the washing machines in Europe look different to the one's in the US - it looks like a dryer.

I'm glad I'm not the only person that thinks that the main reason to watch relocation, relocation is to see if Phil and Kirsty ever do get together...

Even when in America couldn't you still post about British things? I love your view on British tv and stuff. Just because you're leaving London doesn't mean you have to stop blogging!! Damn you and your happy engagement! What are we Brits suppose to read now? :D No I'm only joking, congradulations on getting engaged, I will miss reading your blog...

Hi, I randomly found your blog. I'm an American living in England too. I just blogged about this very issue...I can't stand the washer/dryer combo in the kitchen. It's just wrong!

Our flat had an in-kitchen washer as well; we were lucky enough that it was also a dryer - or so I thought. The darn thing just made the clothes relatively dry - I still had to use drying racks and the sun. Some luxuries as an American I just can't get over...

Come on guys its not wrong its just different. If we had basements and utility rooms then we would have them in there but seeing as a house that size would cost about a million quid we stick them in the kitchen. Its a small island not a the best part of a continent. Great blog though!

Just wanted to say - you might find your washer/drier isn't working very well because the drier is only supposed to take half a load at a time (what an anorak I am!)

But as for not having one at all - I don't. It's good for the environment! :)


As you are an expatriate/foreigner, http://linkexpats.com (expatriates social networking website) might interest you.

You might want to put it in your links page, it may help your readers as well.

Hello anonymous, thank you for the expat link. I didn't join as there was only one American listed in London and since she's leaving... Anyway good luck in CA! I started a blog but only shared it with a few people then stopped because I felt silly. Reading the comments here makes me want to write again and share it so I can find someone to talk to!!!

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