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Sunday, March 26, 2006 




Had a cracking good time. Good food, loads of vino, tons of great art..... I really don't want to be back here, nose in a book. I am so SICK of grad school right now.

Actually, one of the nicest things about Italy, and something that has changed since the last time I visited, is that they had banned smoking! I never thought I would see that in a place like Italy, but it was lovely. It made me thing about how archaic London is sometimes. So I was happy to come home to the news that it would be outlawed here.... in 2007! Jeez, right about the time I leave I bet.

They say Venice is sinking -- did your feet get wet?

Smoking ban is catching on in DC, too. Won't happen immediately, but soon. I see where the Gherkin is featured in this month's Nat. Geo. as a "green" building and an archetype for future skyscrapers everywhere. Alice and Deirde "did" DC -- had a great time, cherry blossoms were perfect, but the kids' feet are now quite sore. A got some great shots of Baby Butter Stick, who is now about 70 lbs. and was lounging in a tree.
-- Daddy.

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