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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 


I don't think I've ever gone this long without posting without a good reason before. Am just a bit down, as I find this the worst time of year in London. The weather's been just awful. I like Spring, but only because I hate Winter so so much and Spring means the end of Winter, and which all becomes a gateway to Summer, my ultimate goal. But this time of year is so tough, because you can sort of sense that it should be getting warmer, and the sun is staying out later, but you know it's going to keep on with the cold through May or even June.

At least Sunday it was so damn bright I was blinded. See the sun reflecting off the Gherkin:

And today's quite warm, even though it will be colder tomorrow I feel cheered up already. So I guess I am well on my way to surviving my second London winter. That's an encouraging thought.

Alright then, off to Northern Italy I go. See you in two weeks!

Hey Girl.
It's not so bad.
London will warm up after February. March will be warmer, but might rain more.
April will be magical!.
Ok, not magical, but brighter and much warmer.
Trust me. I'm a Brit. ;)

Oh, and enjoy Northern Italy.
Turin ? Milan ? Florence ?
We give up. Do tell.
It will be warmer when you return to London.

Well, a spring visit to Italy is a pretty fair antidote to a London winter, then, innit?

-- Popster

(When we Oregonians want to see the sun, we go to the drug store and buy a Hawaii calendar . . .)

Hang on in there Monica: March the 20th marks the start of spring. And then it'll be really warm and sunny! Sort of. Well... ah crap. Nevermind.

March 20 also marks my birthday. Another year of me is another year worth living.

You could be here in Minnesota, where we got another 8 inches of snow this morning.

Lies, all lies. It's actually colder than when I left... zero degrees today!!

well i'll be damned!! there are Americans here in London! Well I'm American and not technically living in london but not that far out.My english hubby came across this blog and I feel great knowing that someone finds the same things strange as I do!! I feel like the token yank and haven't found any in my area and its nice to know I'm not alone :) I lived in Ireland for 5 years and the only Americans I came across there were tourist but none living in the area I was. I felt as out of place there at times as I do here. You are right, the weather has been dire and can't wait for a bit of heat. Enjoy Italy!

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