Sunday, September 16, 2007 


I've moved!!!! Look at my new building, isn't it gorgeous and London-esque?

My new neighborhood is totally rocking. I guess it is technically the Edgware Road area, but I'm having a little difficulty determining the actual borders of this designation. Seems to be just the area "around Edgware Road," as I've been told. From what I can tell though, I'm about a 5 minute walk from Marylebone, 10 minute walk from Baker Street, and a 10 minute walk from Paddington Station. So if all that is Edgware Road, then so be it. And I absolutely adore my flat. It's clean and nice and safe and full of lovely people. I even live over a news agent and a restaurant, and across the street from the tube station; I really love the big city feel to it!

A lot of people gave me a bit of a hard time when I told them I was moving here. "Yuck," they'd say, and crinkle their noses. I'm really not sure why, as I'm finding it delightfully busy and interesting (especially when compared to my old 'hood by Waterloo station, which was dead at nights and weekends). But I suppose if I had to guess, it's due to the distinctly ethnic flavor around here. There are loads of Middle Eastern types walking around, and nothing but Lebanese taverns up and down the whole road. It's not like I'm the only girl walking around without a hijab, but it's definitely a common sight (seen plenty of full burqas, too). Edgware Road was also one of the tube stations bombed in the July 7 attacks, and now that I've been here I'm not at all sure why. I've been told it's due to the Paddington Green police station, which is very big, scary, used to hold terrorist suspects, and I can see it from my window. Apparently it's the victim of lots of terrorist offensives. But I'm not scared. After all, if I don't take this awesome, not-too-expensive flat in a cool area, then the terrorists win.

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