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Sunday, July 16, 2006 


The Plaka

Halfway up the Acropolis

Lycabettus Hill


The harbor in Piraeus

I could post dozens of sunset pictures.... Heavenly.

The ancient Acropolis and the brand new Metro trains

The pictures turned out fantastic, except for when we hiked the Acropolis. It was so sunny and bright that I couldn't see my little digital camera screen. The bloody camera had somehow been switched to the black and white setting, which I didn't realize until back in a cafe an hour after I'd hiked back down again. I spent hours setting up the shots with the amazing blue sky, white marble, and green mountains in the background only to find them all ruined, RUINED! Oh, I was so angry, but not nearly angry enough to climb all the way back up and repeat. Should be getting pictures soon from the rest of the people on the conference, and I'm sure they've got some gorgeous shots....

Brilliant pics. Glad you enjoyed Athens.
I've never been to Athens as have been told the air is very polluted, which would likely aggravate my asthma.
Did you experience unpleasant air quality while you were there?

Thanks for posting photos. I've been trying to convince my bf that it would be worth a trip to Greece. He keeps asking me, "why? what is there". Your photos and entry put an end to all those questions.

Which of your "15 reasons this trip will suck" do you now repudiate?

Are you practising your lines for next month? (Repeat after me: "Left, left, left. . .")

-- Poppies

love the pictures!

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