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Friday, April 21, 2006 


This weekend I went to Brighton. Friday was supposed to be rainy and Sunday was supposed to be rainy, so I opted for Saturday, which was .... rainy. Like the kind of rain where it's pouring so hard and it's so windy that it's coming down sideways, rendering my umbrella useless.

Royal Pavilion (amazing inside!)

There are like roller coasters at the end of this thing!


I had fun, going inside the Aquarium and seeing the turtles, the interior of the Royal Pavilion was awesome (no pictures allowed, sorry!) and bopping around the Laines. I suppose the part I liked most was that after only an hour I was outside of London and on the beach. So much fresh air.

Bless. I've been reading your blog as I moved back to US last year (mine was a five year stretch), but I have many friends that still live in London and they turned me onto your blog. This time of year there I used to find so frustrating-others say what they might but there is no such thing as "Spring" in London! Hang in there luvvie!

Spring was on Saturday - a glorious day. However, looking at the weather since then, I wonder if we moved straight from that to Autumn.

I just moved to Brighton this weekend and now communte to southwark everyday. the commute ain;t great but it's nice to be by the sea


Since when had "no pictures allowed" stopped you!! :)


Ah, the good ol' pebble beaches! Classy.

Yeah, really! That shot of Nicklaus at the British Open (... or excuse the heck out of me ... The Open) was also a "no pictures allowed".

the king who built the pavillion was high most of the time (on laudanum) and thus the funky interior. you should at least take pics of the dragon in the dining room!

I love Brighton!! When I was a little kid (i grew up in England, forgot if I told you that or not....). Anyways..when i was a little kid in England, I used to LOVE going to Brighton beach. i dunno why, but it was my favourite thing ever.
I miss it!! can i steal your picture?

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