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Friday, February 17, 2006 


I have a friend coming over from America today, and I love when friends come over from America. Not only do I get loads of treats (this time I've been promised Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and Twizzlers, yum!) but it's also nice to touch base with America in general and feel out what's going on in my homeland. I think I try to stay in touch, but there are some things you just can't know without actually being there.

My list of questions include, "Why aren't people making a bigger fuss over Cheney SHOOTING someone?"

"What's the outlook on the whole Muslim cartoon thing; is it causing an outrage, or did Americans even notice?"

"Why are they called The Pussycat Dolls when there only seems to be one main Doll?"

Any queries you'd like answered??

We're making as big a deal of Dead-Eye Dick's straying shotgun as we can! But it's shaping up as an honest accident and the guy will probly fully recover. The real problem was with the 24-hour blackout, and the failure of communication between Darth Vader and Jug Ears. Cheney's arrogance and isolation are more than a match for Bush's -- it's a scary combination; that sort of deliberately uninformed way of going about one's business could cause our "leaders" to "lead" us into an unnecessary war . . . oh, wait a minute . . .

-- Dads

No one here will publish the cartoons, so most Americans haven't even seen them ... or figured out why Muslims are once again chanting "Death to America" for something the Danes did.

No problem with news organizations running Abu Graib pix, though.

What have you done with Lisa Snowden? and Morrissey?

Hope you guys have fun :) Don't get into too much trouble, we don't want Vi growing up motherless because her mom's locked up in a British prison. Seriously though, hope you two have loads of fun :) LB

I've wondered about that whole "Why don't U.S. Muslims go nuts, too?" thing. My only answer is that they have more money. Wealth cools outrage. Especially when the outrage is manufactured.

It's a cartoon.

I reckon, also, that if U.S. Muslims were to aggressively demonstrate it would end poorly because of the U.S. climate. Islam is not a religion that wins a great deal of sympathy anywhere. Especially its extremist side (which, unfortunately, is the side we tend to see). Conservatives are dead-set against it, and liberals are unnerved by it.

That's not to say that no one is expressing an opinion. There was a rally in Minneapolis recently.

What's a 'Twizzler'?

Ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that PCD has one main member. BTW, I visited England for the first time last month and loved it so much I'm coming back in two weeks!

Sawyer on "Lost" has all the guns. Who cares who Cheney shot. Unless sex was involved.
As for the muslim cartoon, you would have to be the kind of person who reads the paper to care and who listens to those guys.
Which member of Destiny's Child is actually Destiny's child?

Since everyone else is answering the political questions, the history major will answer the fun question. The PCD are really a burlesque dance troop that have been performing in LA for years. The girls in the singing group are just some members of the troop. Jonathan Antin from the TV show "Blow Out" and Steve Antin from "The Goonies" and "Last American Virgin" are the founding cats two brothers. Just FYI!! =)

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