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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 


Is that burgundy and gold I see on the London Eye?

I do believe London is rooting for the Redskins in the playoffs!!

Well, if you look at England's national football (soccer) team, they certainly understand the idea of not having an effective offense. So, perhaps there's a kinship with the Redskins.

Mum and I will be in the Portland Airport when the game in Seattle starts -- we'll probably camp in a bar and watch, so I got us two Redskins hats to wear so we can be extra obnoxious. I just hope no one challenges us to justify the team nickname, 'cause I can't ...


I made him take the hats back. We have 10,000 hats in the house. I am trying to clean stuff out. Plus I won't wear that racist logo.

Hey there, from an english man in New York. Well, no, actually an I'm and english girl stuch just outside of DC actually. Much as I can't stand American Football, or rugby with padding, I have to say I do feel a little bit sorry for the poor old Redskins after they took a beating yesterday.

On another note, maybe we can trade stories about UK/US weddings. I am marrying my american boyfriend here in September, and I'm doing everything in my power to make it as english as possible, right down to the fruitcake. Now, if I can just get all the women to wear hats...

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