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Sunday, December 11, 2005 


Who needs terrorists? While other bloggers may show sexier pictures since they are so much closer to the explosion I believe I can offer a unique central London perspective. The smoke was coming from at least 40 miles away but as you can see it had a definite effect on downtown. I thought it was kind of cool, thinking in my mind that until we build a time machine this is as close to a proper pea souper as I'm ever to get.

I appreciate being associated with the word sexy, even if it is only done so very loosely. Please feel free to do so often.

My friend was a couple of miles from the explosion this morning and sent me some picturephone snaps. Now, *they* were sexy.

Hello Monica, I came across your July 2004 entries (I was surfing for American buys wrong bridge / tower bridge) and when I read your story I was hooked. I had to find December 2005 just to see if you had made it to London ! I was very happy when I found that you had made it; enjoy yourself. Keep blogging, you're a natural. Paul.

Oooh! a trolleybus picture - I do like trolleybuses... even in the fog. But 'Downtown London'!! where is this place? Still really enjoying the blog, Monica - keep posting.

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