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Thursday, December 08, 2005 


#44: Happy Christmas!

I've never once heard this in my life! Perhaps it's some archaic law but in the states we only say, "Merry Christmas." "Merry" is the only way to have your Christmas there. Where I hear people say "happy" I think the next words coming are "birthday" or "new year!"

I hope I didn't neglect to wish you a merry birthday this year. Oh, also Merry New Year.

If there's one word that got transported across the pond into American English, it is "merry". No other reason we would have it.

We do both here in the UK, as you've gathered. My family mostly did 'happy' but the majority was 'merry'. However, I'm seeing a lot more 'happys' than before recently

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death. He had a beautiful Christmas song called "Happy Christmas (War is Over)" that I'd highly recommend if you aren't already familiar with it. He says both Happy and Merry throughout. And was British, which I guess makes sense...

It can be either / or. Merry implies a drunk Christmas.....

Well I think it's the whole kill "Merry Christmas" campaign by the corporate elves in high places. Note the "Happy Holidays" phrase used everywhere.

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