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Thursday, September 29, 2005 


So we did not end up in Frankfurt as I had thought, but actually an adorable town half hour away, called Mainz!

Had such a blast, which is more likely to happen on vacations when you are staying with a local (well, not "local" but American who invaded four years ago). We were only there for 40 hours but somehow managed to:

1. Drink apple schnapps
2. Eat schitznel (or in my case, pretzels with soft cheese)
3. Drink pilsner
4. Drink pilsner out of a five litre tube
5. Eat lunch outside at an adorable cafe on a twisty little European street in the sun
6. Go shopping and buy these awesome/silly boots that make me laugh every time I put them on

and most importantly....

7. Go to the naked spa!

Seventeen Euro for four hours of what was basically public nakedness. At least it was a women only day, but there were some maintenance men about! My friend and I waited around a while for them to leave, and then said, "F it," and dropped our towels. It was a bit strange at first, but by the end I'd never really been more relaxed..... I guess it was kind of like a bath house, with a bunch of different temperature pools, steam rooms and saunas and you go back and forth as you please. By far the highlight of the trip!

What? No naked pics?

lol you really took advantatge of your time there!

I spent Fasching in Mainz back in 2000 (my god, has it been that long?) with a bunch of buddies from college. It is a cool little town.

Who cares about that stupid looking Santa's Village building. Where's the porn? I want to see pictures of naked chicks.

- Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo

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