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Thursday, September 15, 2005 


Today is Prince Harry’s twenty-first birthday and that reminded me:

#41: It’s not a “costume party”; they call it a “fancy dress party”!

Which is funny to me for some reason. Makes it sound more like the prom (not the end-of-summer British concerts prom, but an American high school prom) and less like people dressing up as vampires with fake blood on their faces. I am reminded because a while back Harry thought it would be a good idea to dress up as a Nazi for a fancy dress party, and got torn to shreds in the press. Hmmmm, I wonder why?

Same with me! Took me awhile to realize what they meant by fancy dress hehe. The inlaws had one for last new year's it was fun...

So many costumes to chose from and still, he managed to select the one he shouldn't have! That's a skill!

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