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Monday, September 12, 2005 


I've moved!! I'm not quite sure how I feel about my new place. I moved from one dormitory to another, so it's still a bit rough (especially in the size department) but I really do believe that my old place had some of the most amazing views in the city, while my current views are....
depressingly average.

See for yourself. (All my photos)
From my room:
Old View
New View

From my kitchen:
Old View
New View

From the waiting area in front of the elevators:
Old View
New View

You get the general idea.

But as the mantra goes, "Location, location, location." And it's definitely an awesome location. I'm closer to this and this but farther from this,
this, and that. I think I'm about equidistant from this and

But most importantly? My commute this morning was two minutes. From door to desk. Oh yea!

Check it... I figured out how to make an international call after only a year and soon thereafter, I discovered this thing called the internet and wonderful creatures called "blogs." What can I say, I'm almost ready for the 21st century.

Anywho, your old views were wicked money... my take... move back.


Yeah, I'd have to say you got shortchanged in the "view" department. While I'm pretty sure you picked the nicest possible pictures of your former view, I'm betting it would take a miracle to get anything that nice from where you are now!


Definitely better views but yay about the commute! Seeing those pictures makes me miss London :(

The views aren't as good, but then there's a lot to be said for a two-minute commute. For example: when hungover, when the weather's bad, when you're running late or just to give you that extra 10 minutes in bed in the mornings.

I never noticed the "Bankside" letters in wood outside the Globe, despite that being my walk home for about a year...

I reckon also a 2 minute commute is *too* short - it's so close, you don't have any incentive to get home!

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