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Thursday, September 08, 2005 


The Good News: I watched a little bit of history being made last night!

The Bad News: That history was Northern Ireland beating England at home in Belfast for the first time since 1927.

Seriously, who is this Sven-Goran Eriksson and why the hell is he in charge???

Question is, who cares? Aside from the Football, the Irish beat the Brits decades ago. The only thing the Northern Irish are really amazingly good at doing today is fighting among themselves. We don't want them, the Irish don't want them, half of them don't like Protestants, the other side hate Catholics. The two sides can't even stand getting on with themselves. About the only thing they agree on is that they really loathe anyone who isn't white and from the British Isles. There really never has been a more evil, racist, inbreed, cesspit full of humanity on the face of this Earth. The sooner someone turns the place to a sheet of glass the better.

Wow, that is some rant above.

Sven is the Swedish guy that was hailed by the tabloids as the 'saviour of English football' when he came to the UK from Italy to manage the England team.

He has a £4million a year contract with the English FA, so I think he will be around for some time yet. Hee hee.

Well done Northern Ireland!!!

Monica, your blog really attracts some amusingly bitter and bile-filled anonymous commenters, doesn't it?

Sven, I believe, is a result of that age old adage that people who speak faltering English with a foreign accent and dress sharply are therefore sophisticated and know best.

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