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Wednesday, August 17, 2005 


Yesterday the South Bank Centre held a free concert of Zimbabwe music and dancing after work. It was so much fun!

Yesterday was hot and sunny, so of course London provided free sunscreen for all. Love this lovely city that always wants to take care of me.

A few pints of Carlsberg and I wandered home along the Thames. I realized then that I will be moving to Waterloo in three weeks, while also working at Waterloo, and while that is extremely convenient I will sorely miss walking home on the river. It is so so gorgeous:

That's a lovely picture of the Thames Monica. I can almost smell it....

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Hello. Just popped by. I agee with Huw. Nice pic.

Thanks for finally unlocking the "cilantro" mystery for me. I've been stateside quite a few times and that was one that was eluding me..

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