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Thursday, August 04, 2005 


While I am still convinced I'd need a PhD in cricket just to understand the rules and scoring, I am giving it the "old college try" (an expression, I've recently learned, that is not used in this country.) I am following the second test on the BBC website, and have actually found it quite hilarious, and offer some of my favorites from the (what must be considered as) play-by-play. Keep in mind that this is the BBC, one of the largest and most respected news agencies in the world.

From http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/england/4744439.stm

1105: There must be a huge magnet on the cover boundary. The ball keeps going there! Four more to Strauss, who moves to 13 off 24 balls.

1125: Trescothick edges a Kasprowicz no-ball to Hayden at gully. More frustration for the tourists.

1132: The ball lands in a puddle and, while it is dried, drinks are taken. England can reflect on a terrific start, while the Aussies will be wondering why they didn't bat.

1152: Trescothick plays a remarkable shot to smack Warne down the ground for six with no great amount of backlift. The ball skimmed away to leave Warne looking bemused.

1158: A maiden from Warne but he does not look happy.

1212: Trescothick drags a Warne delivery from outside off-stump and hammers it away to the mid-wicket boundary. England supporters must be pinching themselves!

Actually, I don't know if it is the BBC or the game itself that is making me bemused. And maybe also, amused.

BBC news is crap ... they run the same 4 stories over and over again on their "Breakfast" show. And nothing about anything going outside Britain.

You know amused is about right. Cricket is there to be enjoyed in a relaxing manner between rain showers. Bemused because in the modern world and as a sport I think it is a step back in time.

(AIL Mum -look at the website it's a bit more global - at least the same if not better cos of language support than CNN. btw its muggier in London today not fresher ;-) )


Never been able to get my head round the game myself; might try this 'as a source of amusement' technique of yours though.

Can't stand BBC Breakfast either - that Kaplinsky person does my head in - but BBC News as a whole crap? I dunno....

It's the linguistic luxury that comes from a game where a match can last for days on end and seems to be played in slow motion. In fact, it's less a game, more a state of mind; the sort of state of mind that nostalgically harks back to endless halcyon summers, where it never seemed to rain. If you think the web coverage is weird, try the radio coverage. It's the perfect cure for insomnia. However, for that you have to wait until England plays in India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and the West Indies.

read your blog, think you'd be really interested in this website

If you want your mind truly blown by cricket in all its subtlety/madness, you have to scour cricinfo

It's been a hugely popular site for years and years, and just gets better. They run ball by ball commentary, which is oodles better than the BBC's occasional updates. Plus they have stats you can use to thoroughly impress / alarm all your friends with.


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