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Thursday, July 07, 2005 

I'm ok

I thought I should say something here to let everyone know I am unharmed (well, a bit of a sore throat actually, but that is completely un-terrorist related). And I sincerly hope that all my cyber/blog pals are okay as well.

I'm shocked and shaken but I have accounted for all my mates here so that makes me quite happy. I am also feeling some very strange de ja vu from living a terrorist attack while in Washington DC, and that's not pleasent. It's a feeling of ... well.. for lack of a better work... terror.

Interesting time to be a Londoner. I now imagine the entire city in the throws of universal bi-polar disorder. Winning the Olympics and getting bombed within 24 hours is so extreme. I just feel stunned at it all.

Yes, it is absolutely flummoxing. But if any city can recover from this, it's ours. Take care.

Thanks for letting us know you're okay.

I've been watching BBCA here in America and litening to BBC radio. A newspaper seller on the street told and interviewer "We'll be OK. We've been bombed before."

How British! They handle situations like this so well!

Glad to hear you're ok!
-Dan R

It's happened before and it'll happen again. I wish these morons would work out that it's a completely pointless exercise on their part.

Glad you were unaffected.

i'm glad you're okay. the Brits really are very resilient people. was watching BBC throughout the day and it's just amazing how everyone's just really calm, and organized.

Yeah, I don't think this attack will be as memorable as 9/11, not too many people were killed and no major buildings blown up. It's sad what happened but let's not forget about the collateral damage of Iraqi civilians during the "Shock & Awe" campaign, and the documented acts of abuses at Abu Graib Prison and Guantamano Bay!

Oh, right, totally comparable situations.

2 comments above - Crystal, read a book on the matter. You'll find that your moral equivalency is the chief tool in recruiting new terrorists. Those who seek to kill the innocent shouldn't be compared to those who try as hard as they can to pinpoint their attacks against armed combatants. After all, wouldn't the real equivalent be our idiot President dropping a nuke on Baghdad? After all, they're just civilians.

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