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Sunday, July 03, 2005 

Where to go?

I'm headed to Versailles!! For a four day drug delivery conference in November. Am so excited. I have to do a poster (think science fair, old school style) but not a lecture, so it should be non-stressful and fun. I'm excited to go back to Paris, as I liked it more than I thought I would. I would like to see it in the spring or summer, as the first time I went it was February, but who's to say no to a free trip?

So now I'm wondering where I should go next on my European Vacation. As of now I've done:
Spain (Barcelona, Pamplona, Ibiza, Mallorca, Madrid)
Holland (Amsterdam)
Italy (Rome)
France (Paris)
Portugal (Lisbon)
and next week is Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Iona, Oban, Loch Ness, Stirling, Pitlochry)

The big Western European ones I think I am missing are Ireland and Germany. And I guess after that I'd like to head east to Prague, etc. And of course I'd like to go back and see the French and Italian countryside and Mediterranean cities... Oh! So much to do while I'm here!

Go party yourself silly in Ibiza. However, do not go to San Antonio. Instead, chose somewhere in Ibiza town.

Hey there Monica,

Wow - it looks like you've already got a pretty good collection under your belt there! When I was at Grad School with tons of North American students I was always mightily impressed at the amount of travelling they got done. I guess they don't take the opportunity for granted.

If you're up for heading east, might I recommend Berlin and/or Budapest?

Great Bloggage

I bet Austria is kickin'.

And yet, you still bitch at me for going to Hawaii.


Have a good time in Scotland! - although you might be underwhelmed by Loch Ness - I'm also heading up north to my homeland (Edinbrugh) in a couple of weeks time for a nice, proper holiday. London's great and all, but every time I leave the capital, I realise how badly I needed to get away...

Just to suggest a couple of don't-misses in addition to your bulging Scottish itinerary:

Trossachs Pier is lovely, Glencoe is dramatic, and Glenfinnan is very romantic.


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