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Friday, June 03, 2005 

These days

This week has spun out of control, and now I have this kind of dizzy, euphoric feeling. I don't even want to stand up now to go down to the library to scan pictures of Franz cells, I might fall over.

Not only am I in the throws of pre-holiday anticipation, I found a cheap and safe place to live next year in SE1, and now my career suddenly seems to be sky rocketing. I finished my first patent application and turned it over to the powers-that-be on Wednesday. No word on Thursday and then this morning all the higher ups seem to have crashed my office proclaiming words like, "excellent!" and "exactly what we wanted!" and "finishing your PhD early!" and "press release in America!"

Press release in America!?!?!

I'm not ready for this kind of exposure.


You are so amazing!




Congrats Monica!

--Dan R


- Justin

I'm a little disappointed that it took you this long.

Way to go Monica!

-Chuck D

Splendid news


Congrats on the research!

Interesting to hear you are choosing to stay in SE1 next year - why was that? It's a great area as I'm sure you know now, I liked the whole Victorian edgy-but-cool feel of it, and lots of photo opportunities everywhere of course - but I went north of the river for this year as I always thought there was something missing in SE1 - I don't know what though...

The thing missing in SE1 is people at the weekends.... Walk away from the Market and Station and it's soooooooooo quiet. That is except the traffic on Borough High Street on Sunday evenings. What is all that about? Are they all trying to beat the congestion charge?

Congratulations Monica. Keep up the blog next year. I like reading your slant on the neighbourhood I take far granted far to much.

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