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Monday, May 09, 2005 


#33: Mother's Day is the last Sunday of Lent in the UK (falls in March) but it's the second Sunday of May in the US. But Father's Day is the third Sunday in June for both.

Lots of queries from my American friends this week about "what am [I] doing for Mother's Day?" And I got to tell them all, "Nope! Done! Crossed off my list!" My mom has taken to calling herself "mum" since I moved here, so it's fitting.

So, either way, Happy Mother's Day, mum. Thanks for all your love and support and putting up with me for the last 28 years since you've become a mom.

I re-read my card from March - thanks.

Very proud of you, babe ... you turned out a lot better than expected, given your upbringing.

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