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Friday, April 15, 2005 

Bump in the Night

They say that New Yorkers are really jaded because they've seen it all. I think that must apply to anyone who lives in a big city, really. A big, dense city that has lots of people in a small space and there is massive exposure to all kinds of things. Here are the top three weirdest occurrences I've seen since January:

3. A Shetland pony being led through Covent Garden.

2. On Stamford St- a man bleeding profusely from the top of his head. The blood was running down his face and had soaked his white v-neck undershirt. A stranger ran up with a roll of paper towels and offered it to the man, but he just shrugged him off and continued to drink out of his tinnie.

1. Under the London Bridge train tracks, in front of that SE1 club- A huge guy, about 6'5" changing clothes (coming out from the club at 2pm?) He was wearing a trench coat and his back was to me. When I passed him I turned and looked back to see him wearing nothing but a hundred day glow necklaces, a silver thong, and a giant tattoo in the middle of his forehead.

How about driving through Borough Market in the snow at 2am in the morning.... In June!

The crew, who were filming Bridget Jones' Diary, might have thought to close the roads!

What was the tattoo of?

- Sourkraut

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