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Thursday, April 07, 2005 


So I feel a bitch session coming up with Mr. I'm From Iraq. He did a calibration of the Franz Cells I use, and the data for one is missing! I can't wait to lay into him and it's probably going to go like this:

Me: So where's this data, buddy?
Him: Well, look at that.
Me: That's some mighty nice science learning you do there in Iraq. This is validated equipment!
Him: Why don't you just shove off, you American hussy?
Me: Why don't you tell me where that data is, you Iraqi lunatic?!
Him: (getting in my face) It's probably with all those bloody WMDs!!!

And then I punch him.

(Can you tell school has me totally stressed???)

Pssssssst -- try the decaf.

... or the Guinness.

Are you guys gonna tap the lab keg after the big fight?

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