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Tuesday, April 05, 2005 

Can't Be Helped I Guess

Oh my God, I just spelled "labor" with a "u". My American idenity is slowly but surely being stripped away from me!

*Gasp* ... the horrour!!

yes... but Guinness is still misspelled :-P

LOL! It's the exposure that does it. Thanks to hubby, I find myself using expressions like "knackered", "niggly", and "everything went pear-shaped" all the time!

I was going to comment about Guin(n)ess but "anonymous" got there first. ;-) So all I can say is that we are all unfortunately going to be hearing the word "Labour" more and more for the next 26 days...

I'm still waiting for you to refer to yer mum and me as "You Yanks."

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