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Friday, March 25, 2005 

Gym This

Now that I've been here over six months, the incredibly annoying things about this country are starting to just roll off my back while I take them in stride as I am just flat out No Longer Surprised. Like the archaic and senseless financial system.

School's got me stressed beyond all belief and last Wednesday I went for a long, stress melting cardio workout at the gym, The Thomas Guy Club, of which I have been a member since November. To no avail.

(Monica enters through gym door, stage right.)
Overecstatic Possibly Gay Gym Guy: Oh hi!
Me: Hi. *shows gym ID card and carries on to gym*
Gym Guy: Hey, can I swipe that?
Me: Of course
Me (thinking): No one's swiped my card in about a month....
Gym Guy: Oh, your membership has expired.
Me: What?!
GG: Yea, you need to renew your membership.
Me: No, I bought a year membership in November.
GG: Right, but that's not your membership, that's to get into the club.
Me: But this is the club.
GG: Well, it's the gym.
Me: That doesn't make any sense.
GG: How do I explain this? *turns to lazy blonde girl at the desk, snapping her gum*
Her: It's like, your membership.
Me (under my breath): How succinct.
GG: Right, so that's thirty-six quid.
Me: Thirty-six?!?! But I gave you two hundred less than five months ago! Why do you get to charge me twice a year??
GG: Yea, that's for the gym, this is for the club.
Me: But the gym is the club. Unless there's a spa and steam room you haven't told me about.
GG: Ha! You're funny!
Me (thinking): And I was going for livid.
GG: So thirty-six then.
Me (surveying the 8' by 8' cell they have the nerve to label as a "gym" in the first place): This isn't fair, I didn't know about this. I'm a student, I'm supposed to be getting breaks from the system, not getting ripped off by it. I'm already in for 16,000 quid to this university this year!
GG: Oh yea! Me too! Tell me about it!

As if that excuses it. I mean, really!

Normally this would have caused my blood to boil for a week, but I got over it in about a day. Of course, I haven't been back to the gym since to actually pay the fee...

Gym stupidity. I absolutely agree. When I arrived here, fresh from the gym facilities at the University of Maryland, I was shocked by the tiny patch of gynmasium available to King's students. I reluctantly paid the 100 quid for the Stamford Street KCLSU facilities. What can I say, I'm desperate.

I just want to know where all the money goes?

THANK YOU for posting that! There are so many things I can complain about on my blog but resist because I don't want to be political or negative. England is 20 years behind! And anything administrative gets screwed up. For example when I sent in my original NI tax form here, I knew that someone in Inland Revenue would lose it. Well I was right and they lost it and they can't find it!

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