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Monday, March 07, 2005 

Mmmmm.... Forbidden doughnut....

I nearly shrieked with delight the other day when some girls passed me on the street carrying a Krispy Kreme bag! Turns out there are three accessible Krispy Kreme shops in London: Canary Wharf, Victoria Station, and Harrods. I know what I'll be doing the next morning I'm hungover.... In lieu of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups I've taken to dipping Cadbury's in some American peanut butter that was donated to me, and I've got to say, that is delicious. Better than Reese's actually. But you just can't substitute the KKs. So.... Good.....

Oh man, I know what you mean about the KK. Just so ya know, there's a few Tesco stores that carry them as well (and DAMN it's hard to resist those little suckers when i'm out shopping!). The Tesco across from Liverpool street station has 'em, and i'm sure other ones do too (tho i don't know which ones....) Keep an eye out next time you're out shopping. Oh, but they're crazy expensive (i think one of the plain glazed goes for about 90p).

Hey there! I just discovered your blog, and think its cool. I am an overseas student in the UK, so I can actually connect with some of the things you talk about. I don't come from America, but I go to America every year, watch American shows etc, so basically quite American cultured myself. Anyways, if you live in London, KK can be found in the Tesco at Covent Garden. Think they also have Bagel Factory in the Covent Garden area, if you're interested. And ya, Sainsbury and Tesco do make rather dodgy-named items.

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