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Monday, February 28, 2005 


Been so busy with school, no time to blog. Just finished a massive paper though (30 pages, aka Chapter One, aka 2/17 of my dissertation) so....

In the States we have these little plastic tabs, or maybe you could call them clips, that hold our plastic bread bags together. This helps keep the bread from getting all moldy. The English have a tiny little piece of tape that serves the same purpose. Except it doesn't, because if it takes you two weeks to eat a loaf of bread like me, one slice a day, the tape looses it's stickiness and becomes worthless. And then you get the mold. Look, I'm not saying that America is better than the UK by any means. I'm just pointing out that our massive waistlines and tendency toward obesity have evolved us to better handle our food. So that we can eat whenever we want. So, in conclusion...

Strange Thing #27: The worthless strip of tape that holds bread bags "closed."

At least the bread comes in bags.

It's called a twist tie - or at least that's what we called them in Ohio.

No, not a twist tie. Those are metal wire wrapped in paper. She's talking about just basically a piece of tape that you reclose again and again by pressing the ends together. We have them in the US as well on some of the fancier packaged loaves.

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