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Sunday, February 13, 2005 

Nessun Dorma

So, I finally watched my first football match last week, a friendly between England and Holland, and much to my surprise, I actually liked it! I thought it would be boring, and sure enough, there were no goals, but it was actually pretty good. I guess it helps that it is only 90 minutes long, instead of American football, which lasts about three hours.

I liked it so much that I'm going to meet Howard later today to watch England take on France in the Six Nations (the six nations being England, France, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Italy) which is rugby. I'm ready to take on rugby.

And in another four months, I may even to try sitting through a cricket match.... (It seems to be going on now, but it's just too complicated for my tiny American brain to comprehend. One sport at a time, please.)

Good stuff,

It's a shame you picked the Holland friendly for your first match, it was one of th most boring, mistake ridden, lifeless games we have had to endure in a long time (thus media outcry) but it's all good that you liked it despite that, it can only get better believe me!

If you can, be in England when the European championships or World Cup is on, or even when we play Wales, the atmosphere will be buzzing.

Athough I on't like rugby it's a good game that you can just watch and enjoy, you tend to be either a rugby or football person in this country generally.

Cricket, test matches are the worst. You can sit there and watch nothing happen at all (prob cause I don't know the ins and outs) for three, long days.

no kidding. cricket.... who gets it?

Cricket - give it a chance! I'm here to defend The Great Game. Mr American, pop over to my blog and spend a few minutes reading some of the posts...might help decipher our initially-weird-sounding-rules. And ignore what Coops says about Test Matches; sitting in the sun for 4 days drinking beer is a fun thing to do. I've successfully converted 3 cricket-haters to cricket-addicts, and my campaign isn't stopping now. :)

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