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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 

I would have come into The Lab anyway....

Strange Thing #24: No Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

I guess he was purely an American phenomenon? I know that England had slaves (slavery ended officially here decades before it did in America) but was there no civil rights activity afterwards? Maybe all the British were too busy being super polite to one another to pursue segregation....

I think you'll find a lot of the UK's activity was aimed in South Africa's direction (apartheid).

...maybe you ought to read a bit about the 1950's in the UK? There wasn't a lot of politeness in for instance, Notting Hill...maybe this will help...

I'm sorry you couldn't celebrate Martin Luther King Day. But I'm sure London makes up for it later in the year when they celebrate Mr. Bean Day.

- Sourkraut

Our holidays have pretty boring names - "Spring Bank Holiday", "Late Summer Bank Holiday." I must confess I was a little ignorant of the timing of Marin Luther King Day. Half my team at work is in the States, it was only after repeatedly ringing the office for much of the afternoon, with no one answering, that I cottoned on... There wasn't even anyone "covering" - I guess they take holidays really seriously across there!

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