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Sunday, December 26, 2004 


My ex-boyfriend and current best friend, Akash, doesn't really ever go anywhere. All his vacations are usually based around snowboarding activities, so the most I ever have to worry about him is getting stuck in the snow or maybe breaking a bone. Which he's done lots of times and survived, so I don't even really worry about that. But NO, where has he gone this Christmas? He's let his entire family take him off to India for the next two weeks. I wasn't expecting to hear from him until he got back (which was the day after I got back to London) and now I definitely don't think I'll hear from him, but needless to say I'm really scared right now. Even though he's probably fine. I think the earthquake hit at 7am their time, and I believe then he was still in Calcutta (Kolkata.) And even though I think that city is right on the water, from what I can search on the internet I don't hear of any deaths there. His flight to New Delhi today probably got delayed or cancelled, and he's probably just in a world of inconvenience right now. At least God I hope so.

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