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Thursday, December 09, 2004 

Dinners Galore

I know I haven't written in a bit and for that I am truly sorry. I have been swamped beyond all sense of reason... Who knew getting a PhD would be so much work??

Plus it's the holidays. Christmas here looks really nice, I'll have to download the numerous pictures of trees I've amassed.

I can't believe that I'm headed home in four days. I'll be back in the States on the 13th. It will be so nice to see my family and friends and in general not get dressed and lounge around like a bum. (I'll still be studying though!)

Between the work load and the impending holiday season and the crushing exchange rate and the cold temperatures and the fact that the sun now sets at four o'clock (not that it matters seeing how it's too cloudy to see actual sun), I've been pretty depressed. However, I did have one really fun night this week: my first Christmas dinner!

Strange Thing #21: Christmas Dinners.

Holidays in the States are a time for Americans and their family members to get together and fight with each other. Holidays in London are an excuse to drink (as if another excuse was needed; this city is in perpetual hangover mode.) Londoners go out and get sloshed to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. Christmas dinners are when a certain group of people go out and go to a nice group meal around Christmas time. I'm quite glad I was invited to one, as I was starting to feel very Bridget-Jones-singleton-loser as every single restaurant in town has a "BOOK YOUR CHRISTMAS DINNER NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE" sign in the window.

I think the fact that I only went to one is probably pretty lame, as every office/sewing circle/karate club/whatever has one, and so people seem to spend the majority of the season meeting up at pubs, getting drunk, and then chowing down. It's very "eat, drink, and be merry" and I really like it all.

I attended the KCL Pharmacy Postgrad dinner, where we met at a Belgian pub and then went to for a curry where I had so many Cobras (see below) that I almost fell over. I was also forced to have my entire love life dissected as I was the only single one at the table, another unfortunate Bridget-Jones-singleton-loser scenario, but I'll spare you that nonsense.

Still, it's much more fun and social than anything I've encountered in the States. I wish I were going to be here for New Year, but maybe that'll be next year...

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