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Friday, November 26, 2004 


Our mini and impromptu Thanksgiving feast was a total success. I made garlic mashed potatoes from scratch, which I had never done before and did not have a recipe for, but they were great! I also contributed by drinking an entire bottle of wine and doing a lot of dishes afterwards. We had a great time!


Our great bounty!

Michelle chowing down

Im not positive, but are those chicken nuggets in the middle picture?

- The Sourkraut

Happy Thanksgiving for yesterday :)

is that a rice crispy treat log in the top pic? mo and the college kids, it's like you're the teacher and they're the students.

No, it's turkey breasts, there was no way we were cooking an actual turkey!

And the other thing was stuffing, the instant kind. We had to put it in a pan (we are totally deficient on cooking supplies) and it was quite tasty, thank you very much.

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