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Thursday, November 18, 2004 


While I quite enjoy the life I'm living, and know that it is better for me than the one I was living in America, I must say I'm tired! Physically tired. When I lived in the States I had such a boring life that I definitely got my full eight hours a night. Yesterday, after running around like mad (my first full day in the lab and every single little thing that could have gone wrong did) Michelle and I went to a late showing of Bridget Jones (it wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen... but from the standpoint of book, boy! did they massacre it!) and afterwards down to the common room in the dorm for Carlsburg tinnies and pool, poker, and arm wrestling (I won!) I know I can't keep up with these teenagers much longer, and was secretly looking forward to a reprieve this weekend as they are all taking off to Wales, but I bought my ticket to the showing of all three LOTR at the IMAX this Friday. That goes from 8pm to 630am. Guess I won't be sleeping then either!

I don't know ... I slept through a good portion of LOTR as I recall.

All 3 LOTR films!! Sounds like heaven on Earth!! The real challenge is all 3 extended DVD versions in succession. Now THAT really would be an achievement....


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