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Saturday, November 06, 2004 


Hurrah! Bonfire night was great last night, despite obvious lack of bonfire. Myself, American Michelle, Welsh Amy, Genevan Melissa, and British Annica headed down to Clapham for an awesome firework display. They certainly knew how to do 'em down there, I was quite impressed. As good as any American show I've seen, aside from it being slightly more freezing cold outside. Hey, I can't help but associate fireworks with the heat of summer. It was also a good time with the girls, which is something I haven't had in ages.... We never met up with my lab friends and Stalker, for which I was secretly happy about. There must have been 50,000 people there, it was packed!


Michelle, Amy, and Mel

School's going well, I started working in the lab. I'm starting off by trying to develop a method that I can use to analyze the stuff I'll be making in the future of my project. It feels good to get that lab coat back on, I'd missed it. Most people in my career field seem to treat the lab like a training ground and I often hear, "I can wait to get out of the lab," meaning move to a desk and do full time management. A desk is nice if you have a view, but right now I'd rather do the science for myself, which also includes the fun of spilling chemicals on my person, breaking expensive glassware, and swearing loudly at noncompliant machinery. Good times!

Cool chick

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