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Tuesday, October 26, 2004 

I haven't played with stickers since elementary school!

Strange Thing #15: These stamps:

I hope the picture can convey the added bonus of these functional and sanctioned stamps. There are two parts: the actual stamp, which is a big fruit or vegetable, and then the little accessories for said stamps. In case you're confused (as I surely was) there is a little diagram in the bottom right to show you the way. Why! it's Mr. Potato for postage!

Given to me by the South African who didn't think they were appropriate for the CVs he's sending out. He's probably right about that. He did promise me that he had used one before and that the letter had arrived safely, so they are legit.

I needed one to send my absentee voting ballot back to the states. I chose a potato(e) and put it in a very stylish cowboy hat and boots with angry eyes. Appropriate? I thought so....

Where does it say "official postage" on those stickers??

The queens head on the upper right hand corner of each stamp makes them official.

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