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Thursday, October 21, 2004 

My flat mates

are the absolute best. I worked until nearly 8pm last night, finally leaving the office feeling very sad and very frustrated with some of the relationships in my life (and frustrated by the lack of some other kinds of relationships in my life) and drug my poor, tired soul home. Upon arrival, my flat mates demanded to know why I had such a bad day, started pouring Fosters and merlot down my throat, tossed me in Ross's bed with six other people, forced me to cuddle up, and then we all watched Dirty Dancing (!) and Grease. Oh, and there was compulsory singing of every single song lyric. Hurrah! It was so much fun.

Strange Thing #12: Men here are not afraid to admit they like sappy movies. It would be a cold, cold day in Hell before a straight man in America would confess that he likes Dirty Dancing, let alone polish off a bottle of Fosters, toss it across the room and yell "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" at the exact right moment.

Bloody saps! Im man enough to admit one of my favorite movies is Notting Hill, no matter how much I get teased. Every so often my wife will make fun of me for liking that movie. Then I tell her to get a job and pay some bills...ooook.

"they like sappy movies" - they only say they like them because ........

1 - to please women
2 - to please women
3 - to please women

So which man is trying to please you?

Believe me, if you had a lads night in you would got out Dirty Dancing. Top Gun maybe, just to take the piss and realise that a film you once though was great is really cheesy and therefore funny. Nice blog by the way

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