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Thursday, October 14, 2004 


Was an extremely weird day. I got on the elevator this morning as always (a luxury I think I'm entitled to after a mile walk) and a guy was already on the elevator. He got off on the 4th floor, I get off on the 5th. This is what happened before then:

Guy: Are you Monica?
Me: Oh yes!
Guy: Right, are you doing a PhD with MedPharm?
Me: (thinking, "oh, he must have seen me in his lab during safety training last week) Yea... kinda. You work there?
Guy: Yes.
Me: Cool. What's your name?
Guy: Mohammed.
*elevator doors open to fourth floor*
Guy: (exiting but turning round to face me) By the way, I'm from Iraq.

And he walks away. Didn't even give me a chance to say something. Don't know what he meant by it, it was quite odd. Either he hates me/my country or thinks I might hate him/his country or thinks it might be an issue he'd like to diffuse or would like to make it an issue. Maybe it meant nothing at all.... Either way, it was my first weird American moment. I've had some strange from-a-different-country moments but not specifically American moments. Wow.

So that was an unsettling morning, after which I walked with another post grad girl to Induction Day over on St. Thomas Campus. Took some nice pics:

It was pouring in the morning though, and I spent the day in wet socks, so I am going home to have a bath (in a lovely bath tub we have in the hall. Sweet!)

Please explain why the bathtub is in the hall and not in the bathroom.

Great pix!

That photo of the old entrance to Waterloo station is almost identical to one I took a while back, and was going to post on my SE1 photoblog, however I wasn't able to get the composition right and decided not to post it, so you've beaten me there! It's a very opulent entrance for just a station - I think it is a war memorial.

Where is the first picture of the fountain taken at? Looks really nice, even in the soggy weather...

ps. Be sure to try and visit the Borough Market this Saturday if you have time. As well as being another place with nice, Victorian-esque architecture, it is the best place in London (if not England) to buy food, or just to wander around. It's the one thing I'm really missing not living in SE1 anymore.

These pics where all taken on the other side of the Thames from across Parliment. That fountain thing was right in front of the main enterance to St. Thomas Hospital.

Hall doesn't mean "the hallway" in England, it means the dorm.

ha ha ha.... i can relate to those awkward american moments.... so many times all i would have to do is open my mouth and say hello and people felt the need to tell me how much the disapprove of america's foreign policy and how they can't stand our president. i never even got the chance to say that half of the time i agree with them. (not that i would even bother at that point.) looks like you're having a great time abroad! i'm so envious and wish i could be back!

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