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Friday, October 08, 2004 

First Trip to the Grocery Store

Because what could possibly be tastier than pork AND mustard wrapped up together with a flaky crust?

Not only do they sell beer, they sell mini-kegs of beer.

Not only do they sell kegs of beer, they sell liquor. This is vodka in pre-packages shot glasses (how lazy can you be?) Note the flavor: "Rhubarb & Custard" Sweet Jesus, is that appealing in any way to any one???

Now, now, didn't we promise not to scoff the ways of the host country?? Just because it's different doesn't mean it's wrong! What do you suppose they think of "Lunchables"?

What is your schedule, babe? Do you have weekends off?

I would say no, but someone somewhere must'av thought it was a winner!

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