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Monday, September 27, 2004 


Strange Thing #7: The keyboards here are totally different.

And not just there's a £ where the $ should be. The keyboard is totally f'ed up here, I'm messing up all my typing. The £ is over the 3, and the " is over the 2, the @ is where the " was and then the # is to the right of the @ so the enter button is pushed farther back so I keep getting # instead of a new paragraph. Frustrating! and the shift button's also moved, so I keep getting
other stuff instead of my capital letters. So bizarro. I'm really quite the stickler for capital letter and correct spellings, but I until I learn this I'm just going to have to do without.

I'm a really fast typer and don't look when I type so... Maybe I should offer to type theses for money or something once I get my American keyboard back!

you can change the keyboard to what you're used to. Easy.

It could be a good way to earn some extra dosh. I learnt to touch type especially so i didn't have to pay someone else to type my dissertation for me and I think its the only reason I have a job today!

I can't change the keyboards here because I'm in computer labs so every time I sit down it's at a different computer.

Do you really think I could make money typing documents? How do I go about doing that?

People used to post a notice up with what they would do plus what they would cost (usually per 1000 words) somewhere lots of students would see. You may find notices like that around in the library maybe?

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