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Friday, September 24, 2004 

Still going strong....

I think I've learned more in the past two days than I did the whole last year at my job. It was a little tedious at first, but it is getting interesting and I am getting used to reading texts and articles again. Great deal of fun for a big dork like me.

I made myself lunch yesterday and reheated it just now and man! was it awful! The tomato sauce was just no good! It was really bitter and pasty, I don't know if that was the brand I used or if that's how British tomato sauce tastes but if that's true we are in a mess of trouble. I ate it, but I wasn't happy about it. Which brings me to something I noticed straight away but haven't mentioned since I was waiting for it to be disproved...

Strange Thing #5: There are no obese people here.

Don't get me wrong, there's people of all shapes and sizes, rail-thin model type girls and hefty guys with beer guts, but I have yet to see a single really obese person, the kind that have trouble just walking around and need help getting out of chairs. You see people like that in droves and droves in America. That might have something to do with being in a big city where you have to walk all the time and are generally much more mobile than in the suburbs. But I suspect that it might have something else to do with the fact that I've been here five days and only seen one McDonald's. One! I walk over a mile from dorm to lab and if I did that in the states I'd pass at least three. It's weird that I noticed that right away, how that's such a part of American landscape that it's one of the first things I picked up on.

Hey Monica. Good to see you're enjoying yourself. Obesity does exist in the UK, but it is more or less an American invention. Too many added growth hormones in the animals and stuff.

It makes sense if you think about it.. animal gets big and produces lots of burger meat because of added growth hormone, then the people eating said meat get big too. The EU banned American meat imports for that reason.

And we think we're being overrun by McD's!! I'm loving these strange things - makes me reassess our city by looking through a newbie's eyes!

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