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Thursday, September 23, 2004 

Think I'm still jetlagged

Because I'm still really knackered (hee hee hee!)

Leaving off from the grocery store:

Strange Thing #3: They call "juice," "squash!"

Like, the fruit has been squished, or rather squashed, to get the liquid out? That is most hysterical! My friend Rob told me about "juicy bits" (instead of calling it pulp) but this was even better.

Strange Thing #4: It is super money being a vegetarian here!

At least so far, at least in Tesco. Everything has all these labels on it, and appropriate food were clearly marked with this big V for vegetarian. In some parts of America vegetarians are treated like lepers, but not here. Not so far at least. All my dorm mates didn't even say anything about it when I told them. Sweet.

Alright, have to go get some coffee and then head up to the lab. You'd think walking a mile would wake one up, but no, doesn't seem to be the case......

Joys of learning about britain (same language but totally different in some ways hey?)

Anyway there is a difference between juice and squash. We call it juice when it is freshly squeezed - and you can buy it in the supermarket - it will have bits and will taste of fruit. We call it squash when it is a concentrate that needs to be diluted with water - tastes of e-numbers and is flourescent (well almost)!

Being vegetarian in london isn't hard - like you say lots of supermarket stuff, plenty of labels and every restaurant you go to will have a vegetarian option or two (and I mean really vegetarian). There's lots of us about and nobody will raise an eyebrow!

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