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Wednesday, September 22, 2004 

Everything's Coming Up Millhouse!

Not too sure which episode that is, but I believe it might have something to do with high water pants..... ahh, I do miss the Simpsons.

That being said, I swear to GOD I was made for this place. All these little syncronicites, like my apartment number and my dorm number being the same, the fact I've been here three days and it hasn't rained yet, and the fact that my lab is freaking awesome!!! They use the same LCs and software as S Inc did. Kismet or not? You decide!

My advisors were very cool and easy to talk to, and also seemed extremely organized and on top of things. And smart, did I mention smart?? Yay! The lab is quite cool, and get this! I get my own desk! I can also bring my laptop in and get internet access there, right at my desk. The best part was my main advisor, Dr. B, has opened a business at the school and it now operates right there in the same building as the college. He told me that since my work is overlapping what they do, and they can use it, I might get paid for it! So they'll try to work something out to knock off some of my tutition, and MedPharm will sponser me some! Isn't that fabolous! People really are so damn nice here it is insane.....

I heard the Southwark church bells just now as I walked down here. Really made me feel like I was in Europe just then....

Two guys called me "sweetie" and "sweetheart" today. Is that a British version of flirting? I think it might be so subtle that I might not be picking up on it, because so far flashing my big white smile doesn't seem to work on these people.....

I think tomorrow the rest of the postgrads will invite me out for some drinks. I just realized that I haven't been to a pub yet! Everyone in the dept seems cool so far, even the guy who gave me candy made from Whiskey. It was revolting, but at least he warned me first!

Alright, time running out on the computer. Just wanted to let everyone know how incredibly happy I am right now!

Yay! Yay! I knew things would work out. Does this mean Dad doesn't have to read you "Timothy Goes to School"??

Shipped the hard drive ... the cheapest way was USPS ... the guy said 4-7 working days.

We leave 10:30 EDT so you have to call one of our many cells for the next week if you want to call.


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