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Thursday, September 09, 2004 


Last night at the Proms, directed by Leonard Slatkin, Live from London? What kind of magical ad was this I just heard on NPR? Guess summer is over either way, I thought the proms took place outside, although I could be totally wrong about that.

Whatever came of Beckam and Posh and his sleeping around? That story just seemed to die out on this side of the pond, Hello! doesn't really mention it anymore. Did he do it? Did she just forgive him just like that?

Couldn't get in touch with accommodation Office today, the phones were busy. Guess they are pretty tied up right now, a week before everyone starts moving in and they can't send the right forms to students, I imagine that would be a lot of work to catch up on. Competency, that's all I ask for, competency. I never expect brilliance, just being plain old competent will do the job, thank you.

Woo hoo! Just broke into my personal email, which S Inc blocks us from accessing. No reply to my email to the accommodation office. Of course.

Email from VISA people though, they've received my application and will process within 10 working days. THE HELL THEY WILL. Funny, how it went from one day on the website to 10 days in real life. I LEAVE IN TEN DAYS.

Now I have to call these bastards and yell at them. And the loan people too. Lots of yelling is needed if you want to switch up countries. Well, if your American and want things done right anyway!

The proms are mainly inside, in the Royal Albert Hall (very impressive Victorian building, but no air conditioning, like most of the rest of London!!!) apart from the Prom in the Park.


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