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Tuesday, August 31, 2004 

Big Smiles Today

Am so so happy. It's all coming together today except for when I inexplicably woke at 6am today and posted a blog that blogger subsequently lost. Bastards!

I wrote my last rent check today! Yipee!

Dr. B, one of my advisors, wrote me to talk about my research project. Finally! He doesn't just care about the money, he cares about me. I knew it! Great!

I QUIT MY JOB TODAY! It felt strange at first but now it feels damn good, especially when I tell people what I am doing next. Abraham hugged me and we jumped up and down. Yay!

I went to the bank to get a ₤150 cheque (?) for my housing deposit and they said they couldn't do it for me in time but then a woman there told me about the Foreign Exchange Office in Bethesda (where my gym is and where I was headed that afternoon anyway) and they could do it for me. Hurrah!

Then I went to Barnes & Noble and got a phat journal to write in since my current one is on it's last page. Neat-o!

Back at work, my dad rang to tell me that he's going to fix the van so that I can use it to drive the fish tank to NC! I can also pick it up Thursday, so that will save me so much time and money for not having to get a rental SUV or something. Awesome!

I was sneezing a lot in the lab because of the damned SLS again, and Ricky was blessing me and then he said, "Man, you have a lot of devils today!" That cracked me up. Funny!

The HR director just stopped by to tell my I'm getting $450 in gift cards for the new patent application award scheme they've just set up!!! Hell yeah!!

This is the best day I've had in a long ass time. I am so blessed and feel so lucky today, maybe things are starting to turn around for me after being kind of down lately (can't wait to be Enlightened sort of Buddha instead of just regular old Buddha.)

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