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Wednesday, August 25, 2004 

More Lucky Money!

I was cleaning up and I found 11 quid and 34 cents!! I collect money from my travels and some people even give me their left over change when they go abroad. This is probably all left over from my four hours in London three years ago. Let's see when I multiply 11.34 by 1.79 I get $ 20.30! Yea, twenty bucks!

Lately I've been wearing a Spanish peseta five piece around my neck because 1) I got it from my first trip to Europe and subsequently, England 2) They don't make them anymore and 3) It's really odd looking and kind of cool. I'm always asked what it is and if I drilled the hole in it. I always want to say, "Hey, just because USA doesn't have any money with holes in it doesn't mean nobody else does." Jeez.

I'm taking it a little easy tonight and treating myself to a couple of Bass Ales. Big weekend coming up, and besides, have got to get self in routine drinking regimen, lest those little 18 year old at Kings show me up and make fun of my age!!

That's 34 pence, not cents. Good use of "quid" though.

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