Sunday, June 07, 2009 


I'm quite honestly suffering from a lack of anything better to do than update this blog. And I probably wouldn't if I weren't still getting all these lovely emails asking for said updates. My reasons for not writing are twofold, with one being that I'm still (nearly a year later) so incredibly depressed about leaving London that I try to avoid thinking about it as much as possible, and two being that my life trapped in suburban America is so uneventful there really isn't much worth blogging about.

And I'm not sure you'd be too interested in my life, such as it is. Everything seems to have fallen apart quite quickly. The job that I left England for was shortly made redundant only six months after I started, and naturally I was so new there I didn't get any sort of severance. This then throws me into a great deal of financial stress as I have a car loan (can't go anywhere in America without a car) and my massive student loan (for a PhD that I STILL don't have). Despite not actually having a PhD, I only seem to get interviews for jobs which I'm told I'm too qualified to have (I wonder why they call? Do they expect me to interview dumber than I appear or that I've lied on my CV?) so this means that I've gone into serious debt to price myself out of the market. And with Obama's bulleye honing in towards healthcare reform, it might not ever get any better. As an added bonus, my fiance and I have decided not to get married. This isn't terrible news (we're still together), but suddenly not having to plan a wedding at the exact time as not having either a vocation or a degree program (or both) suddenly leaves me with more hours to fill than I know what to do with and it all starts to spiral.....

But despite the above, I'm not here to bitch. I've actually just booked a trip to return briefly to Europe for a few days!!! I'm off to finally defend my thesis! I'm looking forward to this more than you can imagine and so I thought it just had to be documented. I might just throw in a little San Francisco flavor along the way....

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