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Tuesday, September 09, 2008 


I'm already out of sorts, standing at the checkout queue at Target. I'm exasperated at my need to even be there: it epitomizes everything I dislike about America (mass consumerism, cheap production, all the toys for little girls are bright pink...) and yet I'm here, because I own practically nothing in the way of home wares and after a a few days I'm finding it increasingly difficult to function in my new flat. As I finally make my way up to the register, I open my wallet to realize it's still full of quid, and that I need American dollars if I'm ever gong to get anywhere in this town. I forget if Target does cash back, so I ask.

Cashier: Yes, we do.
Monica: Ok, great, can I get twenty pounds cash back?
C: What?
M: Twenty pounds cash back?
C: What? Twenty pounds of what??
M: Oh my God! I'm so sorry, twenty DOLLARS, can I get twenty DOLLARS please.

But come on, I've been saying "twenty pounds cash back" for four years, so I'm in the habit. You don't even want to see me walk across the street, I'm such a head-turning mess I get laughed at.

So, yes, I'm fully back in the country, living it up on the left coast. But now the question looms over me of what to do with this blog. Mostly I wonder if anyone will still read it once the hook of "little girl lost in a different country" is gone. Then I figured, if that's all that's making me think of stopping, then I should try to see if I can figure that out. So why don't you tell me what you think?

I like your stupid blog.

Keep going. If you keep writing we'll keep reading.

I will read your blog. But I suppose that's because I know you. But I suppose that's the point of a personal blog. You'll most likely have to change the blog's name, but I don't see why it can't follow you around as long as you care to let it do so.

I like your stupid bl*g too.

Also, what Anon said.

And what Cope said.

I have nothing to add after that.

I think there's plenty of scope for ex-ex-patriate observations, but probably with time they will lessen.

I think you like keeping a blog - aside from the writer's guilt we all get - so so long as that's the case, keep it up, sez I.

i too am an american living in london. when i first moved here from ny last year, i found solice in your blog and found your list of weird things witty and right on. i may have to leave soon too, which i am most upset about, so i wouldn't mind hearing about what it's like to move back to the motherland.


Go Monica!

Some of us in the land of pounds shillings and pence still value your quirky insights.


I don't know you other than 1 email and reading your blog, but I feel like we traded places. I got engaged in SF and moved to London right before you got engaged in London and moved to SF. I would love to keep reading your blog and hear how the transition to your "new" country goes!

What part of mass-consumerism don't you like? I'm stuck in this filthy craphole called London and I would give my eyeteeth to be standing in Target where they actually have items at REASONABLE prices and things that are well-made (that is compared to the flimsy crap they have here in London).

Didn't you get sick of the "settling"? phenomonon - where you look around, say, for a dish drainer, and go to 16 places looking for one that isn't dented and tarnished and 46 pounds, only to finally settle on some overpriced piece of crap?

And at least you can buy stuff in the US that isn't covered in Angels and buttons and feathers and roses.

I envy you, being back in the land of the clean and the land of deoderant!

Uh oh, looks like someone hasn't yet found Tesco!

(Why is it the people who seem to hate being in London the most can't spell?)

I concur, keep it up! Its not as though you reply to email with any less of a tardy fashion...

Plus, I keep saying "damn skippy" and noone knows what the hell I am talking about.

So, I know I'm behind (way behind), but I totally think you should keep writing it. A friend of mine moved back to the US after being in the UK for five years and her emails detailing her 'resettlement' were entertaining. So I say it stays.

I know I am late in the game leaving this comment, but wanted to share how much I enjoy your writing. Although I am American, deep in my soul I feel I belong in London - your writing helps me to feel not so alone. If you decide not to continue, please know that your words have provided me great comfort! (And isn't PG Tips just the best??)

Funny, I have no problems switching currency no matter what country I'm in, so I don't identify.

You should do what you want and have time for. I find that after most expats leave and settle into a career, the blog is secondary. Leave it up though, it's a great reference.

All that time and spirit spent learning the difference between 'ass' and 'arse', and the meaning of the colours on the traffic lights -- and you want to give it up and throw it all away?

Come on. You'll be back. We've turned you, I can tell.

"Keep on keeping on! I want to hear more ex-ex-patriate shenanigans!"

Because Now, We can read about your glamorous life in San Fransisco!

Keep it up. I get comments everyday about your Gherkin photo which I will admit I pinched & use as my background. My boss keeps asking for it everytime her computer crashes & she needs to reload everything.

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