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Friday, January 11, 2008 


Yes, I'm back!!! Had a nice two week holiday break in San Francisco. Before and after that trip I've been writing furiously for my thesis. Yes, my lab work is finally completed and I'm now in full PhD thesis writing mode. It's hell. Absolute, burning, rain-of-fire-from-above hell. To think that I'm going to be spending the next three months of my life like this is agonizing. It will also be roughly about my last three months in London. The time is fast approaching where I do have to leave and head back across the pond. I thought I would like to stay, as I do love it here more than I ever imagined it was possible. But a rather pressing matter has come up that makes my return to the States imminent:

I got engaged!!!

The love of my life happens to live in America, and so that's where I must be.... I know I will miss London dearly; it's the only place I've ever been in my whole life that I ache for when I'm away. But I wasn't meant to be here forever, and this time is coming to an end. I've got some other stuff to do coming up!

Congratulations Monica! I hope the rest of the thesis goes well. Does the move back to the states mean that you'll be supporting USA in sporting events again?

Holy crap! Congratulations! What a bitter-sweet ending - maybe you and hubby-to-be could move here to the UK?

Congrats. Shame that you'll be leaving London. As a Brit now living in the US, I've loved visiting your blog an reading about your adventures.

Congrats. Shame that you'll be leaving London. As a Brit now living in the US, I've loved visiting your blog an reading about your adventures.

Congratumalations, I'm so proud of you.

Dear monica,
As a brit who enjoys reading your blog I must just say that you are being a bit inconsiderate here. Infact its just me, me, me with you isnt it! Well what about us brits your leaving behind? What about your loyal readership? What are we to do now? What are we going to do now to fill our tedious, vicariously lived lives? Didnt think about us did you? Can`t you find a nice, handsome English guy? Ok! ok! Can`t you find an English guy? You`ll miss us - the great weather, delicious national food and the great customer service. Anyway i must grudgingly admit that i`ve really enjoyed reading your blog and...ahem...er....good luck on the other side of the pond.

A meritorious return from the recrudesce. Encomiums!

Don't fear about the return home: you'll be supersizing, NRAing and other national stereotypes in no time.

Aaw, congratulations!

We'll miss you when you're gone, y'know!

No doubt you'll visit again in - ooh, perhaps twenty years time (probably to show your kids where you hung out for awhile back in your youth)!

sorry people, but i need to steal her back. but at the rate this phd is going you'll have her for a while i'm sure. actually i tried to get a job there, had a visa and everything, but the brits didn't like the cut of my jib. is that an american saying? i probably said something like that in interviews so no wonder i couldn't get a job.

Congratulations, sweet daughter!

- Mum

Wow, congrats! Will this mean the end of "An American in London" - or will you just change it to "An American in America"?

Came across your blog yesterday for the first time. As a Londoner it was fascinating to see what you made of us. I'm so pleased you time here was rewarding. Very many congratulations, however I feel London will miss you. All the very best.

Congradulations! But what are we readers to do once you go back to America?! I don't think I could live without this blog, perhaps you could move to UK with husband-to-be? Britain is a great place to get married! No sadly I don't think I will convince you, I'm glad this blog will end on a high note, not you leaving London (sob!) but going in another direction in your life!

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Now I understand why you left. Sometimes it's just time to move on and start a new chapter. Congrats! I'm from San Francisco, so I know it's a beautiful place. And what's better is you'll have someone to share it with.

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